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OCAD U engages in transformative research, making significant contributions to innovation, well-being, productivity and employment. OCAD U's research provides a fruitful basis for partnerships with private and public sector partners, including government, industry and commerce.


Over 20 distinct unique labs connect OCAD U to a global network of institutions and cutting-edge art, design and socially engaged practice. Our research labs are lead by teams of faculty, many of whom teach and supervise in our graduate programs. As a graduate student you have the opportunity to take part in research assistance positions, conferences, symposiums, exhibitions and to be published in academic papers.

Canada Research Chairs

The Canada Research Chairs Program (CRCP) is a federal program that attracts and retains diverse world-class researchers to Canadian postsecondary institutions. Learn more about OCAD U’s four CRCP researchers.
Dr. Andrea Fatona
Fatona’s research program will make visible and provide access to the works of contemporary Black artists, craftspeople, curators, and critics in Canada.
Link to Dr. Andrea Fatona
Dr. Gerald McMaster
McMaster is investigating indigenous visual culture in the context of “contact zones”, cultural entanglement, voice and global indigeneity.
Link to Dr. Gerald McMaster
Dr. Alexis Morris
Morris and his research team are designing high-bandwidth communication paradigms for individuals within IoT environments.
Link to Dr. Alexis Morris
Dr. Kate Sellen
Sellen and her research team are designing effective information tools to perform small, discreet tasks in health care.
Link to Dr. Kate Sellen